chinese dipping sauce

Being a longtime reader of food blogs, and after much urging from my boyfriend (here known as Handsome), I have apparently started a food blog.  I make no claims of authenticity, extraordinariness, finesse, or even competence.  I’m a tiny girl in a tiny kitchen with a tiny budget.  Nevertheless, here we are.  Handsome seems to think I can cook, and I certainly enjoy the process (and frequently the results), so let’s get started!

Handsome and I are both lovers of this dipping sauce, which we use for homemade Chinese dumplings, poured over sautéed veggies, over rice, or with tempura anything.  The measurements are inexact, so please tailor this sauce to your own liking.  I personally like it a little spicy, and as my tolerance for sesame oil increases, so does sesame oil’s presence in this sauce.

1/4 c. soy sauce
1/4 c., or a little less, rice vinegar
1 clove minced garlic (any more and it gets pretty overpowering)
1/2 tsp sambal, to start.  More if you like the heat
1/4 tsp minced ginger
1 chopped scallion
Dash sesame oil

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and cook over med-low heat until warm.  Serve with the lusciousness described above, or with whatever tickles your fancy.  For a thicker sauce, bring the ingredients to a bubble and allow sauce to reduce.  This makes a pretty small amount of dipping sauce, but Handsome and I are two small people so we don’t need much.  You can always make more and adjust the seasoning to your liking.  It keeps in the fridge for up to a week in my experience, and time in the fridge just gives all those flavors time to combine.  Feel free to omit whatever ingredients don’t work for you; I’ve tried any combination of the ingredients above.  The soy-vinegar base is what makes the sauce for me, though.

I have also added black vinegar and mirin to this sauce in the past, with excellent results.


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