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This scarf hasn’t gotten very far, but this is the easiest pretty stitch I know. I’ve done a traditional 2 x 2 rib stitch before, but this one is way prettier! I’m knitting it on a super-soft, super bulky alpaca yarn that Handsome bought me for Christmas last year. He intended me to learn to crochet with this yarn, but crochet has eluded me so far.

(Note to family and friends: many of the crafts posted here are destined to be wrapped in Christmas paper and opened in December. Act surprised.)

It’s pretty simple: Cast on any number of stitches, as long as it’s a multiple of 3, plus 1. I did 22 stitches (7 x 3, + 1). Row 1: Slip the first stitch purlwise, , knit 1, purl 1, *knit 2, purl 1,* repeat from * until last stitch, knit this stitch. Repeat until scarf is desired length!

Because I am knitting my super chunky yarn on needles that are the teensiest bit too small, my scarf is going to be super warm, but will also probably require 3 skeins of yarn to finish. However, had I used a regular bulky yarn, it would probably be a one skein project.

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