You guys, I won something on the internet! The illustrious Laura from Ring Finger Tan Line, a blog I started following a couple of months ago, held one of those awesome foodie giveaways. The gift was the same box of homemade goodies she’s sending to her college buddies, and included hot cocoa mix, homemade marshmallows, spiced nuts, chocolate bacon (yes, you read that right), and homemade cheek highlighter.

Plus, since RFTL and I are in the same city, she hand-delivered it to me! I got to meet a real, live Austin food blogger, in the wild, AND her mom. I’m pretty sure I was a total nerd– meeting a blogger I follow is a little like meeting a celebrity for me– but D assures me I was super cool. This is why I love him. But no, I was a total nerd. Ah, well.

Anyway, let me show you my loot! The photos are not up to my usual standard (ha), but in my defense, I really felt like I needed to take photos right this second, despite the fact that it was stony dark, because I  promptly tore into everything. Laura has pretty pretty pictures over on her blog, if you’d like to see them.

dec2012 028_sm
{ hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows }

dec2012 010_sm
{ chocolate-covered bacon }

dec2012 002_sm
{ sassy christmas card }

Thanks, Laura!