For Thanksgiving, D and I spent the weekend with his family in Virginia. We ate (too much), we drank (more too much), and spent a lot of time with his very large extended family (never enough). His family is a group of funny, generous, warm people. The best part? No kids! The youngest person there was still a teenager, so the kids table was the place to be this year. Not that babies aren’t awesome, but it was such a strange experience to spend a holiday in a house with no one running, crying, or otherwise demanding attention. Other than the adults. (wink, wink.)

nov2012 214_sm
{ maple fudge }

nov2012 265_sm
{ cranberry sauce with apples }

nov2012 239_sm
{ self-portrait }

nov2012 216_sm
{ pumpkin cheesecake cake. the middle layer was a whole cheesecake. }

nov2012 260_sm
{ turkey }

nov2012 267_sm
{ sweet potato casserole }

nov2012 325_sm
{ really, really hot and spicy pickles }

nov2012 270_sm
{ green bean casserole }

nov2012 297_sm
{ d’s rolleiflex, his grandfather’s camera }

The best part of the weekend was this camera, D’s Rolleiflex. It was his grandfather’s, who is famous for having used it to take incessant family photos. D reprised that tradition over Thanksgiving; his camera was always in his hands, ready to capture candid family moments. He also used it to take some posed photos. Seeing his family’s reaction to the camera that was so much a part of their childhoods was really special.