I’m not fully recovered from Christmas yet, so I don’t have any new projects, posts, or recipes for you. What I do have is what I’m eating this week! 

D and I are embarking on a financial cleanse this month, wherein the goal is to spend as little money as possible. We’re meal planning with whatever’s in our pantry and freezer, and aiming to spend as little as possible at the grocery store. (Bonus: our bodies get to recover from a solid week of delicious, rich dinners, sweet and decadent desserts, and way too much fast food on the road!) 

I keep track of our weekly dinner plan with a post-it app on my desktop. If you could scroll further down the post-it, you would see the grocery list, and some ideas for next week. (Singapore noodles!) Some of the dishes on the post-it look complicated or expensive, but that just goes to show you how much we have in the freezer that we need to eat! 

  • Monday: Nachos. A riff on spicy tequila nachos, but without the peppers. We’ll use pickled peppers instead, and add a sauteed onion for freshness. What I’m using up: The rest of some canned beans we opened last week; the last of the cheddar. 
  • Tuesday: Tomato pasta with bacon. What I’m using up: The remains of a can of crushed tomatoes from last week’s homemade pizza. 
  • Wednesday: Butternut squash risotto. I made chicken stock this weekend with some veggies and a chicken carcass from the freezer, and we still have a mountain of butternut we grew in our garden. 
  • Thursday: Teriyaki salmon. Ok, this isn’t teriyaki, per se, but I can read my own mind, so it’s cool. A long time ago, in a grocery store far, far away, we bought a huge whole salmon on sale and stuck it in the freezer. Then we forgot about it. This week, we find out if it survived freezer burn! We’ll roast some squash and cook some rice to go with it. 
  • Friday: Shrimp scampi pasta. Hooray for a buttery, starchy, fast Friday night meal, and we had the presence of mind to buy frozen shrimp on sale several weeks ago! 
  • Saturday, we have plans. We get to leave the house! 
  • Sunday: Homemade pizza, on which will go more of the butternut squash, plus a potato and maybe a leek. 

I have to say, even on our super low-budget meal plan, we are eating pretty well. This week isn’t super heavy on the fresh vegetables, but in my defense, we did conquer a whole head of cauliflower last week, and there is some sort of thing-that-grew-in-the-ground at every meal. It could definitely be worse.