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I’m a bad blogger lately. A round of sinus infections, out-of-town trips, work obligations, and other householdy things not worth mentioning have kept me from blogging. I’m still in the kitchen! Just not writing about it. Now that daylight savings time has kicked in and it’s brighter in the evenings, maybe I can put something special together for you next week.

In the meantime, I’ve definitely been keeping busy on Pinterest.

I’m getting my hair cut in a few weeks, so I’ve been pinning ideas for new hair styles. I’m sort of loving this easy cut that Alyson Hannigan is rocking, although it’s pretty similar to what I already have. D says I look a lot like her in this photo, so it seems like it would be a good match.


Have you ever been to¬†The Small Things Blog? I discovered this gem¬†recently, and Kate’s hair tutorials are changing my life. You can’t see me, but I have these voluminous waves at work today. As a software developer, I’m pretty fortunate that jeans and a ponytail are sufficient for me most days, but today I have voluminous hair, pretty daily makeup, and am wearing a colorful scarf. Plus, I got a pedicure this weekend, and my pretty toes are peeking out in my peep-toe flats. I’m also wearing more hair spray than I think I wore in the last year, but I look good.


Meanwhile, Martha’s Broccoli, Tomato, and Mozzarella Stromboli looks pretty fab. One of my accomplishments this week that I’m eventually going to blog about is that I finally found the secret to great pizza dough by splitting the difference between the super-fast and super-slow pizza dough recipes in the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Friday night is homemade pizza night at my house, and a stromboli sounds like an awesome, tasty, indulgent way to shake things up while still having pizza whenever I want.


I’ve fallen in love with my crock pot, ever since I learned that I could make chicken stock in it while I was at work! I made two gallons of stock over the course of two days, and I feel like a golden goddess. I froze the stock in little ice cubes when I got home, put the cubes in freezer bags, and called it a day. I usually make stock in my huge canning pot, but that is so heavy, and I hate leaving my gas stove on for six hours in Austin, where it’s basically always too warm to do that. The crock pot has the huge advantage of not heating up the whole house, so I’m a fan. Since my love affair with the crock pot, I’ve started a whole new board on Pinterest just for slow-cooker recipes, and I’m most excited to try carnitas. D and I made carnitas for friends who visited last year, but I’m an even bigger fan of pork since then. Plus, we’re on this whole “how frugal can we get?” kick, and a pork shoulder is a pretty inexpensive cut of meat that will feed you for awhile. Leftover carnitas can make more tacos, go in enchilada stew, or make delicious nachos. Mmmm.


I’m so, so excited about my next food project. Since summer is almost here, lemon season is almost over, and the liquor store close to my house had their “dollar sale” (everything in the store on sale for cost + $1!), I have three bottles of Everclear on my bar waiting to turn into limoncello! This should yield about a gallon of sweet, lemon liquer. My mission right now is to get a hold of attractive, clear flip-top bottles, the kind featured in the photo and in which fancy water is served in restaurants. Limoncello is delicious ice-cold and straight-up, but I think it would also be lovely mixed with sparkling water or sprite, or combined with some tequila for a lemony take on a margarita. This is happening, and soon.

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