I’m Lacey, and I’m the woman behind the curtain of Thyme On My Side.

This blog began when I was in graduate school. I’d moved in with my boyfriend two years before, we started cooking together, and he kept bringing home these weird ingredients he found at the Asian grocery stores. After one night that involved the world’s worst rendition of Arroz con Pollo, me crying in the bathroom, and my boyfriend pleading with me to “Just come out! It’s delicious!” I discovered Epicurious and started cooking for real.

After a couple of years of Saturday mornings watching the food shows on public television, receiving a Julia Child dvd for donating to public television (I love you, PBS!), and a semester or two of wondering why the hell I was borrowing all this money to be in graduate school for literature when really I just wanted to bake cupcakes all day, I started this blog.

It’s sporadic and undisciplined, but it’s the place where I share with you the things I eat and how they make me feel. I try to share some of the failures, too, but the successes are so much more fun.

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