weekend edition

Last weekend was easy and slow.

Hermione, the brown tabby cat

I took lots of photos of Hermione.


I drank several pots of French press coffee with the $5 French press we bought from a woman having a move-out sale in our apartment complex.

Flowering end of baby butternut squash

Baby butternut squash

I checked on our garden, where we are growing butternut squash like the zombies are coming to take it from us (though the acorn and pumpkin squashes aren’t doing so hot).

rosemary flowers

I watched the rosemary flowers blow in the wind under the sky that didn’t start raining until I was back on the motorcycle.


day out

Handsome and I spent a lot of time during the week in the house.  I work from home at the moment, so I am home all day, and when he comes home at the end of the day we usually stay in.  If we leave, it’s to work out.

We cook a lot.  You don’t see the evidence of that because the best photos are taken in daylight, which is hard to come by late in the evening.  Tonight, for example, Handsome made dinner. He sauteed some asparagus that was about to die, fried some bacon, and tossed it all together with spaghetti, canned artichokes, the “spice,” and some parmesan cheese, and it was delicious.

So we don’t usually go out during the week.  It’s a money-saving thing partly, but I think honestly we would rather relax on the sofa together in our pajamas than do the work to go to a restaurant.  I have friends who go out to eat almost constantly, and it just sounds stressful to me (though, as far as I know, they love it that way).  To each her own.

When we do head out for dinner, it’s usually on the weekend, and it’s usually not very expensive.  Even if we go someplace nice, we tend to share an entree.  We’re not large people, and we don’t have insatiable appetites, so it works better this way.

One of our favorite places to drop in for a good burger is Phil’s Ice House in Austin.

It’s a cute little burger bar next door to an Amy’s Ice Cream, which makes it nearly impossible to resist.  But my favorite thing to order from Phil’s is the sampler basket of mini burgers. Three tiny burgers come topped in different ways (I always get one with just cheese, pickles, and mustard) and are served with a mix of regular and sweet potato fries.

With three burgers for two people, Handsome and I get a nice, filling snack… and he always lets me have the sweet potato fries.  I love this man.